Large Plush Elephant Pillow

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This Elephant Pillow is a perfect gift for a child who often enjoys sleeping on something soft and cushion-like. Elephant Pillow can also be kept in bed with older children who like to hold onto something while they sleep. Soft plush will help your child rest and sleep peacefully. The Elephant Pillow is made from cotton and comes in a variety of colors to suit your child’s personality.

✅ Helps your child rest and sleep peacefully
✅ Develops social skills - the elephant will be seen by a child as his/her friend
✅ Fights separation anxiety and soothes when the mom is not around
✅ Extremely soft and pleasant to touch
✅ Versatile - use it as a pillow, a child’s sleep companion, or simply a decorative stuffed animal


* Disclaimer: usage during sleep is not recommended for babies who have not yet transitioned from the crib to a bed.


Expected delivery time: 10-20 business days

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