Professional Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer


No matter how much you love your makeup but there is one thing you will always hate - cleaning them!

It is recommended to clean your makeup brushes regularly to avoid bacteria build-up, which can cause skin-related issues. But let's face it, cleaning and drying brushes is very annoying, messy and time-consuming.

This uniquely designed electric makeup brush cleaner is a revolutionary device proven to clean and dry makeup brushes in seconds. The innovative makeup brush cleaner will change the way you clean your make-up brushes forever!

✅ Prevent breakouts and blemishes by maintaining clean brushes
✅ Save time - your brush is clean in just 30 sec
✅ Save $ by buying new brushes less often
✅ Maximize the effectiveness of your make-up by preventing product build-up
✅ Fits most make-up brushes in the market
✅ Not sold in stores


 Expected delivery time: 10-15 business days