PICOOC Bluetooth Smart Body Composition Scale


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"Did I gain weight because of the fat? Or is it water? Or muscle mass?" Never ask these questions again. Take control of your body with PICOOC Smart Scale.

Simply weighing your body weight will not give you a proper picture about your health and body composition. You may spend hours exercising to shed excess body weight. But, when you stand on an ordinary weighing scale, you find out that your body weight has not decreased a bit. Well, there is logic behind this. When you work out, the fat in your body burns and new muscles form. It may also happen that the existing muscles grow in strength and mass. This will naturally show that your body weight has not decreased. But when you use a smart scale, you will come to know that the reason behind the steady body weight is a decrease in your fat and an increase in your muscle mass.

With PICOOC Smart Scale, you will always know what exactly makes you gain or lose weight. And the dedicated App will make it easy to track your progress over time! 

Use BIA Tech and PHMS System to record comprehensive data of your body. Applied to Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology, PICOOC can monitor 13 important body compositions for tracking health: Body fat, Weight, Muscle, Visceral fat, Protein, Bone Mass, Water, Body type, Body age, BMR, BMI, Skeleton Muscles as well as Overall PICOOC Score.


This is not a regular smart scale from your local store. Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors, PICOOC scale provides you with extremely accurate and reliable data. We have compared PICOOC scale with Medical Bioimpedance, which we took as a baseline, and 2 other known brands. The results surprised us as we did not expect the scale to be THAT close to measurements in medical conditions! 


Light weight (3.5 lbs) and small size (LWH: 11.3*11.3*0.8in) make it easy to store and move.


PICOOC is suitable for family use, allowing to add unlimited family members. The scale recognizes the user automatically.



Featured with readable LED, 5mm tempered glass, and large anti-slip pads. CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA certified.


This App contains a variety of charts to show the long-term trend of your health condition, helping you better set your goals and understand progress over time. No need to write numbers down on paper on in Excel sheet anymore! The App syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit. Multiple languages are available.

  1. Search PICOOC App on Apple Store or Google Play, download it for free.
  2. Open the App and turn on Bluetooth, and sync PICOOC App and PICOOC MINI PRO via Bluetooth connection.
  3. Step on the scale with bare foot, and wait 3 seconds to check all your body data on your smartphone.


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